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Over 120 exhibitors gathered at the Warsaw International Expocentre for the Poland Gas Show this month, to see the launch of the new Flashlube E2 Kit.
Simply dubbed the ‘E2 Kit’, the new system was developed and manufactured entirely in the company’s Australian head office as the newest innovation in fighting Valve Seat Recession in LGP and CNG converted vehicle, and improves on the existing, award winning design released by the company in 2009, with the addition of a ‘Smart Pump’ and next generation ECU.
After substantial testing, the original Flashlube Electronic Kit became the world’s first product to be granted TUV approval in a road test, however Flashlube’s engineers saw room for improvement and have partnered with experts at Australia’s RMIT University over the past three years to develop an upgraded ECU design.
The E2 Kit’s new ECU will synchronise with all LPG and CNG systems, and features a straightforward adjustment dial which is simply set to match with a vehicles cylinder capacity, removing any programming complication. The addition of ‘plug and play’ cables to the upgraded unit also eliminates the need for soldering after initial installation, and coupled with the new test dial feature, which will flash when set to zero if all fitting is correct, minimises any installation errors.
Further to the ECU improvements, the new kit is also fitted with a self-priming ‘Smart Pump’, designed to both initiate fluid flow as soon as correct installation is complete, and stop pumping if the fluid runs out, preventing the system from running dry and effectively burning out.
As with all Flashlube kits, the E2 Kit comes equipped with a 500ml bottle of Flashlube’s genuine Valve Saver Fluid, which was also awarded its fifth Inpro Award for innovation in additives at this year’s show. The formula, which was developed by German CSIRO scientist Wolfgang Kleunner in 1979, was the world’s first solution to Valve Seat Recession and remains the only product of its kind on the market that is non-hazardous.
The upgraded features of Flashlube’s new E2 Kit ensure that the brand the brand continues to lead the market for innovation and design in solving the issue of Valve Seat Recession around the world.

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