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Innovative design and features in the ECU’s DI 60 and DI 108.

ECU’s  KING DI 60 and DI 108 are the latest product of Italian company AEB to adapt vehicles with gasoline direct injection gas supply in the vapor phase. The company’s experience with direct injection controller built on the legacy AEB3000 translates into precise dosage of gas in the appropriate proportion of petrol in the whole range of loads and speeds. High-end control units through continuous improvement ensure minimal fuel consumption necessary for successful operation of the injectors. In our company we combined them with a new improved injection rails Valtek type 34. With their speed and precision dosing, they works great with new systems providing functioning on gas at idle and during maximum load. The list of supported cars continues to grow, despite the introduction of new vehicle requires a long-term test, try out different configurations. With DI 108 controller, we can convert 6 and 8 cylinder engine: Audi Q7 4.2, Chevrolet Camaro 3.6 and Porsche Cayenne 3.6. Modern engines with a variety of electronic components require ideal conditions. With our brand systems client have no problems with uneven work or inflammation of the ‘check engine’ controls. The ECU’s  DI 60 and Di 108 mixing the two fuels occurs during each engine cycle – this is a very precise solution, providing the same service life for  the petrol injectors like working on gasoline. Adjustment by a workshop after assembly is usually limited to upload proper setup and check the settings. Our systems stand point map enriched – known to editors traditional installation KING, by which we give to some extent possible to modify a dedicated configuration. It is necessary – because, as is known, there is no two identical engines. Eventual regulation is possible thanks to visibility of OBD II connection readings. Full system diagnostics supervises its proper operation, while also facilitating the rapid repair in case of failure of any component. Despite skepticism for LPG in direct injection engines, this solution is very suitable to the users. Regularly serviced installation is trouble-free, does not affect the operation of the engine and its long-life gives a big savings.

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