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Since its establishment in 1988 the Italian Company MATRIX rapidly became one of Europe’s leading advanced components manufacturers in several branches with the following main divisions: Automotive, Pneumatic and Textile.

MATRIX represents with his own technology the revolution in the field of pneumatic applications.

MATRIX Automotive Division develops, produces and markets alternative fuel (LPG, CNG-LNG, H2, etc.) engine components (injectors, reducers, filters, etc.). Partner-Supplier of Automotive OEMs and After Market players, worldwide significantly present in the major markets where applications and technologies of alternative fuels are involved

MATRIX injectors are the most important innovation in the field of alternative fuels: extremely reduced response times, repeatability and precision, linearity, low-noise operations, compactness, long operating life and reliability. These are the key elements that allow consistent energetic savings during functional phases and low gas consumption per kilometer.

A.MAX is the distributor of  Matrix Automotive Divisions products in Central and Eastern Europe.


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